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Amazon launches its biggest wind farm to date

Amazon Wind Farm Texas, the ecommerce giant’s biggest wind farm to date, is now “up and running” adding over 1,000,000 MWh to the grid each year.



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MPS unveils WaveSub as wave energy hits milestone

Welsh wave power technology development company Marine Power Systems (MPS) has this month unveiled its quarter-scale, prototype WaveSub wave energy generator.

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Bioenergy could be a low carbon ‘game changer’ for UK

Bioenergy is one of the most scalable, cost-effective and flexible sources of renewable energy, according to the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) who have released over 100 documents including data sets and project reports from its Bioenergy programme.


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Redback secures $9m to accelerate smart solar software

Australian renewable energy start-up, Redback Technologies, has secured a $7 million investment in the company.

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CEFC funds Victoria’s largest solar park

CEFC has financed the largest solar park in Victoria, Australia which is intended to power trams with cost competitive clean energy.


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UK Gov ponders planes powered by rubbish

Planes could soon be taking off from British airports using alternative fuels made from rubbish, under a new Government scheme.

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UK could half oil imports by embracing electric vehicles

New data has shown that the UK could half its oil imports by 2035 if it embraces electric vehicles.