AB Sugar launches sustainability strategy

    AB Sugar launches sustainability strategy
    Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Africa Studio

    AB Sugar is aiming to become the world’s most sustainable sugar business after launching new group-wide commitments to improve sustainability.

    The Group has committed to ensure 100% of plastic packaging throughout its supply chain is reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable by 2030.

    Over the same period, the company will work with its 25,000 partner growers to reduce end-to-end water and CO2 footprints by 30%.

    The 2030 targets are part of AB Sugar’s broader ‘Global Mind, Local Champions’ sustainability framework, which is committed to consuming resources responsibly, building rural economies and creating thriving and healthy communities.

    Mark Carr, Group Chief Executive of AB Sugar, said: “Our ambitious 2030 commitments are an industry first and the next step in our journey to becoming the world’s leading sustainable sugar business.

    “Working across all 10 operational markets our ‘Global Mind, Local Champions’ sustainability framework will help us lessen our footprint and to grow a sustainable future for those around us.”