Drivers still need convincing when it comes to EVs

UK’s electric vehicle market ‘approaching crossroads’ - report
Credit: Matej Kastelic

Most drivers still see too many barriers to their early adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) despite the Government’s commitment to phase out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040.

This is according to the AA president giving a keynote presentation to the LowCVP annual conference.

The AA and LowCVP argue that many of these perceptions are myths rather than reality and hence broader concerted efforts are required to convince the public of the wide benefits of EVs.

Edmund King outlined the findings of an AA-Populus poll of 10,293 drivers in June 2018 which was specially commissioned for the LowCVP conference and showed that:

  • The vast majority of respondents (85%) say that there aren’t enough public charging points for EVs
  • Three quarters agree that EVs can’t go far enough on a single charge
  • 76% think EVs are too expensive
  • Two thirds think EVs take too long to charge
  • 67% think there isn’t enough choice of Electric Vehicle models
  • A third would like to own an EV
  • Overall almost a third (31%) said they would like to own an EV. However, there are wide differences depending on age

“In order to meet the Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ targets a concerted effort is required to demonstrate the benefits of EVs and dispel some of the myths,” said Mr King.

“The range, charging speed and charging point infrastructure are all on the increase. There needs to be a more concerted effort by us all to sell the benefits of electric vehicles.

“Drivers used to filling up when their tank’s nearly empty will need to change re-fuelling habits as most drivers with EVs expect to charge at home, overnight, and then at their destination.”