Michelin pledges to 100% recycled tires by 2048

Michelin pledges to 100% recycled tires by 2048
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ lassedesigne

Michelin has pledged that by 2048, all of its tires will be manufactured using 80% sustainable materials and 100% of all tires will be recycled.

The world-wide recovery rate for tires is currently 70% and the recycling rate is 50%. Michelin tires are currently made using 28% sustainable materials.

For a sustainable future, the tire specialist is investing in high technology recycling technologies to be able to increase this content to 80% sustainable materials.

Michelin said it will accomplish this target by research programs into bio-sourced materials like Biobutterfly and working with its partners, and the advanced technologies and materials that are being developed in these partnerships.

The Biobutterfly program was launched in 2012 with Axens and IFP Energies Nouvelles to create synthetic elastomers from biomass such as wood, straw or beet.