UK Power Reserve and Fluence partner battery storage

UK’s energy storage capacity ‘set to soar’
Credit: cybrain

UK Power Reserve has partnered with Fluence, a global provider of energy storage technology and services, to deliver the first phase of its 120MW battery storage portfolio.

This partnership represents the single largest energy storage portfolio transaction with one technology provider announced in the UK to date.

Fluence will provide three 20MW battery energy storage systems at sites in the Midlands and North West using its market-leading Advancion energy storage technology platform. All three sites are expected to be operational during winter 2018/19.

UK Power Reserve’s total contracted portfolio recently broke through the Gigawatt ceiling, one of the largest of its kind globally: a combination of small-scale, nimble gas-fired power plants and battery storage facilities located near centres of demand.

These flexible, low-carbon assets are more important than ever to support the growth of renewables, providing vital back-up power at the best value to consumers.

The company was recently acquired by Sembcorp Industries, a leading utilities, marine and urban development group with a global presence.

In the UK, Sembcorp’s integrated energy business brings together centralised power, steam and water supply as well as industrial site services at the Wilton International site on Teesside, with UK Power Reserve’s multiple flexible assets across the country.

Sam Wither, Head of UK Power Reserve, said: “When we needed a partner to help us deliver on our ambitious 2018 battery storage plans, Fluence answered the call, just as we answer the call for UK consumers every minute of every day with our flexible, fast-responding gas fleet. Now we’re moving into battery storage and we’re really excited to work with Fluence.

“Battery storage will play an important part enabling the smart, flexible energy system of the future and UK Power Reserve is already front and centre as we bring our commitments online quickly and efficiently.

“Together with our rapid response gas assets, we continue to demonstrate that we can deliver secure, low carbon electricity, value to the consumer and commercial success without compromise.”

Fluence’s Advancion platform is an industrial strength energy storage solution designed to provide the highest dependability for long-term operations.

Coupled with Fluence’s team providing operations and maintenance services to UK Power Reserve, the projects will support system reliability throughout the 15-year duration of the Capacity Market contracts.

Advancion is also designed to adapt with changes in the market, providing UK Power Reserve with ultra-fast response flexible assets that will enable the company to offer additional services as the needs of the grid or market conditions change.